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Don't smoke, run

One day, a Rabbit was running around the forest happily when he saw a giraffe smoking marijuana, "Hey" he said to the giraffe, "why do you do this to yourself my friend? Just run around the forest with me, and you'll feel happier."

The giraffe thought about this, left the smoke and started running with the rabbit.

After a while, they came across an elephant taking heroin, "Hey" said the rabbit to the elephant, "why do you destroy yourself with drugs? Just run around the forest with me and you'll definitely be happier."

The elephant thought about this, left his drugs and started running around the forest with the rabbit.

After a while, they saw a Lion taking cocaine, a powerful drug, "Hey" the rabbit said to the lion, "why do you punish yourself so? Just run around the forest with me and you'll feel happier."

Then the lion left his drugs and started giving the rabbit the beating of his life.

"Hey" said t…

Ignore the Parrot

Mrs. Dawodu phoned the electrician because her television quit working. The electrician couldn't accommodate her with an "after-hours" appointment and since she had to go to work, she told him, "I'll leave the key under the mat. Fix the TV, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll send you the money later. By the way, I have a large rotweiler (dog) inside named Killer; he won't bother you. I also have a parrot, and whatever you do, do not talk to the bird!"

Well, sure enough the dog, Killer, totally ignored the electrician, but the whole time he was there, the parrot cursed, yelled, screamed, and about drove the electrician nuts.

As he was ready to leave, he couldn't resist saying, "You stupid bird, why don't you just shut up!"

To which the parrot replied, "Killer, get him!!!"

Telling Lies

Two Christian missionaries, David and Michael, were lost in a scorching desert, dying of thirst and hunger when at last they saw a Mosque upfront.
“Michael, let’s pretend we are Muslims. Otherwise, we will not get any food or water and we will die. My name will be Ahmed. What will be your name?” David said.

Michael refused to change his name. When both of them reached the Mosque, the Imam received them well and asked their names.

“My name is Ahmed.”, David said.

Michael replied: “My name is Michael.”

The Imam turned to his helpers and said: “Please bring food and water for Michael.”
Then he turned to David and said:“Brother Ahmed, Ramadan Mubarak..."


LASTMA palava

A true story from an acquaintance....

I was driving down a street along Alausa, having just finished answering a call, when a LASTMA official, suddenly, opened the passenger door, entered and jam-locked it. (The door's lock is faulty)

As usual, he wanted 'something' from me for calling while driving...
Suddenly, he saw the big Rothweiller dog, Jackie, at the back seat of the car, with tongue stuck out, spittle dripping and fangs barring, staring fiercely at him.

LASTMA Official: (Shaking) Ah! You carry dog?

Me: (I bone my face) Yes, I carry dog. Dat one na offense?

LASTMA Official: (Feeling uncomfortable) Na where una dey come from?

Me: From hospital.

LASTMA Official: Ehen! you sick?

Me: No, na person wey the dog bite we go see. The person almost die sef.

LASTMA Official: (Terribly shaken by now) Ehen! But why the dog dey shake head like that?

Me: Na so im dey do if e wan bite person.

LASTMA Official: The dog know you?

Me: Yes nah, no be my dog?

LASTMA Official: (Sweating)…