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One of my friends always prided himself in landing such a cool job, and a beautiful, Agbani babe in the same month. On this year's Valentine's Day, he went over to the flat he had gotten and furnished for her, to take her out to Taipan for dinner. While she was in the shower, the Razr phone he had bought for her weeks before began ringing, and he picked the phone to see the Caller ID.
He chuckled to himself when he saw 'Mugu No 2'. He shook his head, wondering why all the
guys would never stop disturbing his babe. Seconds later, he picked the phone again, his curiosity picked at what she had saved his number as. He dialed his number and dropped the phone when he saw the caller ID. He picked his jacket and walked out.
She had saved his number as 'Mugu No 19'.


Anonymous said…
E get as e be!
honey b said…
That's life...It goes for opposite sex as well

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