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Family Love

Mr. X found out after three years of marriage, that his wife had killed her first husband. He stayed married to his wife even after his discovery, but refused to eat her cooking and then bought a dog after he could not escape from her any longer. She eventually began to complain that he loved the dog too much, because when ever she cooked for him, he would give Bruno the dog some of the food and watch it eat and play for an hour before eating himself.
One day, his wife cooked for him and he called the dog. Bruno came to him, ate some of the beans, and went outside to play. Minutes later, Mr. X ate the remaining and sat in front of the TV to watch a match. An hour later, his niece ran into the house shouting "Bruno! Bruno!"
"What happened to Bruno?" he asked her, concerned.
"Bruno is dead!" she replied.
Mr. X called his wife and began shouting "Murderer!" at her, promising her that she would never get any of his money and saying all sorts. When he paused for breath, his niece added,
"The gentle man that hit him accidentally is waiting to see you outside."


Anonymous said…
If na you nko?
honey b said…
I am sure they are not together anymore...
If na me, I no go weit pack...

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The Hunter

A 90 yr old man goes to a doctor.
He said:"Doctor, my 28yr old wife is pregnant, what's your opinion?"

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